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Interviews are the backbone of many successful podcasts, and a person can offer a platform to different key personnel to share their stories, enlight viewers about different fields, and enrich the value of the podcast. 

However, it’s recommended for a host to conduct a captivating interview that will engage the viewers and increase the popularity of the podcast. For that, one needs certain skills and preparation that will lead to engaging interviews and have a lasting impact on the people. 

In this blog, we will explore different practical tips and strategies for podcast hosts so that they can hold engaging interviews that will have an impact on the guest and also on the audience. 

Research Your Guest 

Before the interview, one must research the guest thoroughly and familiarize oneself with the topics and subjects the guest knows. As a host, one needs to prepare about the recent projects in which they are involved and know some of them so that one can engage them with the guests.

One can use a podcast script template, which will help a person to note down the basic questions that one will ask the guest. It will keep the interview on track and will make the conversation relevant and interesting. 

Prepare Thoughtful Questions 

Spontaneity is an important thing that keeps the podcast fun and simple, but asking several open-ended, thoughtful questions allows a guest to elaborate and share their key insights about that topic, which will be something new for the viewers.

These types of questions will help the audience gauge and judge the depth of the guests about a particular topic. Here, a podcaster allows a guest to incorporate deeper personal anecdotes, which helps to establish a deeper connection. 

Listen Actively 

Listening is one of the most important skills that a podcaster must develop, as it helps to develop a follow-up question, which will make the conversation more engaging. One must practice active listening by maintaining eye contact and a little nod, which will work as a verbal cue to acknowledge what the guest is saying. 

It’s important to use certain phrases that confirm that the host is listening, and one can ask guests to elaborate on some topics so that each topic gets fully explained. 

Foster a Comfortable Environment 

One must create a soothing and relaxed environment that will help the guests to sit comfortably and feel flexible. Here, a podcaster must start with some light conversation, which will help the guest to feel comfortable in the initial time. 

One can take the help of a reMarkable 2 planner, where one can keep trivia-based questions, which will lighten the mood and help the guest relax from time to time. One can offer refreshments to the guests and can also use a technical setup, which will minimize distractions. 

A host must be flexible and make the conversation flow naturally without interrupting the guest. Following these strategies, one can effectively turn into a reputable podcast host. One must focus on it as an art form and develop and grow through time by making their craft better. 

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