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Beginning your career as a lifeguard is easier than ever, thanks to the American Lifeguard Association’s vast network of certification opportunities located nationwide. With convenient courses offered year-round in towns and cities coast to coast, ALA makes it simple to start down the rewarding path of protecting swimmers’ health and safety. Here are ten great options for obtaining your essential guard qualifications locally:

Weekend Certification Course

For those with busy schedules, ALA’s time-saving weekend format gets students Lifeguarding near me in just two days. Upcoming sessions are planned in Denver and Los Angeles.

Evening & Online Classes

Balancing work or school? Choose from flexible evening and self-paced online classrooms that award certifications upon completion within 2 months maximum.

Summer Day Camp Certification

A fun way for teens ages 15-17 to get started. Week-long camps include instruction, hands-on practice, and finals—all while making new friends in a safe environment.

Community Center Courses

Enroll in conveniently located lessons near your home, which are offered through neighborhood pools and American Lifeguard USA under ALA licensing agreements, for affordable training.

College Intern Courses

Earn elective credits and in-demand job experience simultaneously through accredited programs partnered with Lifesaving Societies at local universities.

Instructor Development Courses

For advancing your skills, specialized teaching courses across subjects from pediatric rescue to facility management can turn your passion into a profitable new career path.

Annual Renewal Classes

Stay current via refresher courses, ensuring guards maintain prime physical abilities and knowledge of industry standards year after year.

Hybrid Certification

Transfer existing WSI, EMT, or similar qualifications into dual ALA credentials through challenge exams and top-off courses, maximizing previous experience.

Mobile Training Centers

State-of-the-art conversion vans visit rural towns, delivering full certifications on location through intensive 1-week sessions.

Payment Assistance

ALA Foundation scholarships are awarded to qualifying applicants wishing to serve through an affordable vocation in aquatic safety and rescue. From coast to coast, start your lifeguard career with confidence through the expansive selection of American Lifeguard Association training options available right in your own community. Sign up today!

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